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Colette Eaton

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I have always struggled with fashion. Growing up in Alaska, you basically dress to be warm and practical; you know, like if I had to spend a couple days out in the woods, practical. I remember in college one of my girlfriends got the nerve to tell me I was wearing clothes that were way too baggy and I needed to find my right size! Haha! Well I did, eventually, but my style never really got past a good pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Then I discovered the art of adding a "statement piece" and boom! My fashion went up a few notches. HOWEVER, I was buying cheap jewelry at places I dare-not-say but I wasn't happy with them. I then began to buy jewelry from local artists around Portland and that felt amazing! I was spending more money but I felt like I was making a difference with supporting local artists. Then I discovered Noonday and it was a complete gamechanger! Not only was the product gorgeous and complemented my t-shirt/jean attire, I was supporting women from around the world from impoverished countries to create a sustainable life for them and their families. I felt like I had found the promise land: fashion with purpose. I can't tell you enough how much Noonday has changed the way I shop from fashion to household items. Our money and the way we use it matters. And I will never have any guilt purchasing a fancy necklace from this company because I know that I am supporting someone who needs people like you and me who are paying attention to how we spend our money. Join me in this great cause today!

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